How are your products sold?

If you want to sell your goods, our web site is the best way of doing so. You can be sure of getting the best price for them.

The steps for selling products are set out below.


You should contact us by e-mail at , by phone, or through our website under the "contact sales" link shown at the bottom of the web page.

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You should give us your personal or company details and a list of products (goods) that you want us to sell for you.

  • A visit will be made to verify the products offered should we deem this necessary.
  • An assessment will be made of the goods with a view to ensuring the most successful sale in the light of prevailing market conditions.
  • A contract will be signed between you and SubastasPro.


  • An inventory of all products will be made.
  • Photographs or videos of them will be taken.
  • A marketing plan will be drawn up to see what the best option is for selling your products.
  • Visiting days will be arranged so that prospective customers can see the products.


  • SubastasPro will publish sales on its auction web portal and send information on your products to a portfolio of prospective customers (either drawn from a given sector or linked to the products on offer).
  • SubastasPro will tell buyers everything they need to know for the sale to be made.
  • SubastasPro will bill for its brokerage


  • The buyer shall then pay the seller's invoice.
  • SubastasPro will tell the buyer the date on which he should collect the purchased goods.