At SubastasPro we are experts in brokering and selling products via online auctions in Spain. We boast expertise in the sale of assets, property, machinery, vehicles and companies. We have the very best list of contacts to arrange your online judicial sale, seized property auction and sale of official goods with a business emphasis.

In addition, we offer you aliquidation service for bankrupt or surplus stock where you can buy goods at incredible prices by bidding, thus avoiding the initial retail prices. You'll save at least 50% on the recommended retail price (RRP).

We arrange your purchases and the sales you want to put out to the market through our public auctions. Our services are comprehensive and cover all parts of the process: sales management, appraisal and valuation of assets, and advertising.

Which products do we auction?

We broker and sell products between companies, individuals, official bodies and legal institutions. Our specialisation are product batches for business purposes. The products we offer cover all kinds of industries, except for food or limited shelf life products which may cause health risks to our customers.

On our online judicial auction website you can find both industrial machinery and vehicles. What’s more, for the sale and purchase of businesses we can offer companies with frozen assets or in liquidation.

All our products are medium and high range.

How do we operate?

The contacts and partnerships created through SubastasPro as auction brokers are the best guarantee we offer. You can rest assured that we have excellent products for sale because our connections are our greatest asset.

Thanks to these networks with public and private organisations, we can offer you all these assets and put them within your reach. Online judicial sales are also included within our field of work.

We cover the need to find these products at prices well below the going rate to offer them with the due appraisal included. In short, we deliver a comprehensive service to our customers, whilst potential sellers have all their needs covered by optimising the end benefit acquired.

One way to achieve this optimisation is by carrying out a thorough preliminary study to set the best starting price, with buyers making bids to show what they are willing to pay.

In this brokerage role, transparency, trust and efficiency are paramount. For this we use a secure and efficient online technology platform which is consistent with these values ??and guarantees each step of the transaction by considering the relevant privacy policies.

Why choose us out of all the auction websites?

Because we offer a tailored appraisal service for each item and we focus each product according to its sector. On our website you’ll see, at all times, the original price of the product and its starting auction price. The estimated saving is around 50%.

If you are a provider, thanks to the promotional micro-campaigns undertaken, we make sure your product reaches as many interested parties as possible via the specialised channels most used by your target audience. We can therefore guarantee that the notice of online auction is available to those who really have an interest in it.

We also guarantee direct intermediation: our customers are the end seller and the end buyer. We do not collaborate with trading companies or agents so that we can respond directly and with the due attention that all involved parties deserve. At SubastasPro we win when we make our customers and providers win thanks to direct two-way networking.

We are the solution for you if:

* You’re looking for a renowned company specialised in auctions in Spain
* You have a company and want to buy industrial assets: machinery, buildings and others for your business
* You want to sell your assets and batches on an online auction platform that offers full management: appraisal, advertising, sales and bidding platform
* You want to keep abreast of the sale of quality products at a price much lower than the recommended retail price (RRP)
* You're interested in buying seized or bankrupt goods