Buying on the web platform is very simple. We explain how in a few simple steps:

The web platform is based on a system of buying through auctions. The first step is to register as a user.


To register as a user, click on the box "REGISTER", which you will find at the top of the web page.

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1.1 Enter a valid e-mail account.

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1.2. Fill in the form below.

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Once completed, press "SAVE" and you will receive an e-mail to validate your user account.

Click on the validation link we sent you in the e-mail and your registration is complete.

From this moment, you can bid in all auctions on our web site.


Find the lot or product you want to bid for. Whether you are on the home page or want to search for a given product or lot, there are several ways to find what you are looking for:

Choose one of the options in the Start menu in the "AUCTIONS" section:

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You can also type your choice in the "search bar" (found at the top of the web page). This will take you straight to the items you choose.

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To make a bid or an offer, you must first log on to the system.

 Before making an offer, it is important to do the following:

Lot details

When an article on the web is chosen, a page will be displayed that gives full details of the item you have selected. You will find all the details you need for the auction in the "Technical data" and "Description" sections.

At each sale or auction, you will find all the information you need in the "Specific Terms and Conditions" (found in the "Description" section). Here, you will find full information on visiting days to inspect the article, dates, and the days for picking up any items bought. Payment details are also given, as are any changes to our terms and conditions and any additional costs. These specific terms and conditions are in addition to the general terms and conditions of the auction.

The page on the selected article also displays the following data:

  • Auction start date
  • Date and time the auction closes
  • The current bid and the next acceptable bid
  • Taxes and/or fees payable, if any.
  • The "Additional Costs" can be mentioned in the details of the lot. These costs are mandatory and must be paid by the buyer in addition to the purchase price. For example, these additional costs might cover dismantling and loading.

Make and close a bid

To place a bid, you must enter the amount you want and confirm this by selecting "BID". The amount must be entered without commas or decimals.

You will receive an e-mail:

  • For each offer (bid confirmation).
  • For each separate bid (beaten bid).
  • For each beaten bid, you will also receive an e-mail if you have enabled auto-bidding.


The auction ends when the count-down clock reaches zero. At this point, we will know who has made the winning bid. When the auction ends, the winning bidder will be sent an e-mail stating that the sales agreement (pro-forma invoice) has been sent to the user's "My purchases" section (found in the user profile).

Typically you will receive this e-mail the same day. If you do not receive this e-mail, you have not won the auction.

After receiving the sales agreement, you must pay the amount shown on the pro forma invoice by the stated deadline. The amount must be paid into the bank account shown on the invoice within 48 hours.

Once payment is received, you must pick up the purchased item(s) at the specified time, date and place. All this information can be found in the Special Terms and Conditions. Unless otherwise agreed, you must remove the lots in accordance with the instructions set out in the General Terms and Conditions.


How are your products sold?

If you want to sell your goods, our web site is the best way of doing so. You can be sure of getting the best price for them.

The steps for selling products are set out below.


You should contact us by e-mail at , by phone, or through our website under the "contact sales" link shown at the bottom of the web page.

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You should give us your personal or company details and a list of products (goods) that you want us to sell for you.

  • A visit will be made to verify the products offered should we deem this necessary.
  • An assessment will be made of the goods with a view to ensuring the most successful sale in the light of prevailing market conditions.
  • A contract will be signed between you and SubastasPro.


  • An inventory of all products will be made.
  • Photographs or videos of them will be taken.
  • A marketing plan will be drawn up to see what the best option is for selling your products.
  • Visiting days will be arranged so that prospective customers can see the products.


  • SubastasPro will publish sales on its auction web portal and send information on your products to a portfolio of prospective customers (either drawn from a given sector or linked to the products on offer).
  • SubastasPro will tell buyers everything they need to know for the sale to be made.
  • SubastasPro will bill for its brokerage


  • The buyer shall then pay the seller's invoice.
  • Subastaspro will tell the buyer the date on which he should collect the purchased goods.